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The Calendar Week Of 10/28-11/1

Mon 10/28:   Introduce Classification.  Dichotomous Key action alongside fish, done inwards pairs.  Then, equally a pair, yous should brand your ain dichotomous fundamental to organize x objects of your choice.  They tin last animals, songs, books, characters, people, etc.Wed 10/30:  Last Beak quiz (Chapters 10-12).  Lab identifying organisms from half dozen dissimilar invertebrate phyla.  Introduce cladograms.Fri 11/1:  Making cladograms using amino acid sequences from on-line databases.
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The Calendar Week Of 11/4-11/8

Monday 11/4:  SPARK Lecture on Sensing Sound today at 3:30 inward 169.Tues 11/5:  Dichotomous Key due for sixth (Thursday for seventh period).  Exchange keys.  Questions on Molecular Evidence WS?  Finish in addition to plough in.  Go to Computer Lab to produce on-line Cladogram Activity.  Hand out Evolution Review.Thur 11/7:  Deadline for whatsoever belatedly operate for the quarter.  Finish on-line Cladogram activity.  Start going over Evolution Review.  Test side past times side Midweek in addition to Thursday.Friday 11/8:  Teacher Work Day.  No School.  SPARK write upwards tin hold upwards turned inward using through today.Mon 11/11:  Veteran's Day.  No School!!

The Calendar Week Of 12/2-12/6

I promise you lot are enjoying your calendar week off from school!  Remember that you lot withdraw to complete the "Joe Eats a Burger" information tabular array for Monday 12/2 too you lot should accept a enquiry enquiry too excogitation for information taking for the Populations Lab (see documents if you lot don't accept it) past times Midweek 12/4.  Also retrieve to snuff it your Cadaver Field Trip flat signed past times 12/4.

Mon 12/2:  Turn inwards Joe eats a burger.  Notes on villi too microvilli.  Overview of digestive enzymes.  Start Circulatory System worksheet.  Quiz on components of the total too blood menses on Friday.  Finish reading Chapter 41 too starting fourth dimension 42.Wed 12/4:  Turn inwards Cadaver Field Trip Form.  Turn inwards enquiry plans for Populations Inquiry.  Blood menses through the heart.  Include chambers of the heart, valves, of import vessels.  Difference betwixt arteries, veins, too capillaries. Complete Circulatory Worksheet too snuff…

Last Ii Weeks Earlier Wintertime Break

Mon 12/9:  Cadaver Lab Field Trip!  Be inwards cast yesteryear 11:40-11:45, in addition to thence nosotros tin transportation away assemble to leave.  Bring something to eat, your Tri-Met pass, in addition to warm clothes.Wed 12/11:  Class cancelled due to Snow Day.Fri 12/13:  Feedback on Field Trip?  Check off Heart Worksheet.  Finish upwards Notes on the Circulatory System in addition to starting fourth dimension the Respiratory System.  Hand out Review Sheet for Digestion, Circulation, in addition to Respiration.  Read 42.5-42.7Mon 12/16:  SPARK Lecture on Brain Cancer today.  Finish Respiratory System in addition to review the dissimilar systems.Wed 12/18:  Review for Digestion, Circulation, in addition to Respiration Test to get got on Friday.Fri 12/20:  Turn inwards Review.  Take Test.  Turn inwards Populations Lab (a difficult copy) in addition to a virtual re-create through  If you lot create non get got it to plough inwards today, delight email me a re-create AN…

Turnitin.Com Information Revisited

It is too thence exciting getting all of your labs coming in!  Many of you lot convey asked most the data for this year.  The Class ID is:  7134730 too the Password is:  darwin

Let me know if you lot convey whatever problems submitting your lab.  Enjoy the residue of your break!

Ms. Kenny

Back To Schoolhouse 2014!

I can't believe Winter Break is over, simply alas, it is.  That's okay because 2014 is going to hold out a slap-up year, the twelvemonth that yous graduate from high schoolhouse as well as displace on to exciting novel things!

The deadline for slow operate as well as extra credit for this semester volition hold out Friday, Jan 17th.  It is coming upwards fast, as well as hence delight continue that inward mind.

Mon 1/6:  Muscle Contraction Video as well as Muscle Contraction Worksheet.  Complete it for Wednesday.  Introduce Disease/Disorder Mini-Project.  Optional quiz on the bones of the human skeleton on Wed 1/8:Wed 1/8:  Optional os quiz.  Get Muscle Worksheet checked off.  More on musculus contraction.  Research for Disease/Disorder Project.Fri 1/10:  Dissecting chicken wings.  More on muscles, tendons, ligaments.  With leftover time, operate on project.Mon 1/13:  Turn inward fly dissection worksheet if non already.  Work on project.Wed 1/15:  Disease/disorder projects due.…

Antibiotic Internal Assessment, Due Friday, February 14, 2014

› Lab Should Include:   Question ›Background ›Short procedure ›Data tabular array (observations, uncertainty) ›Data processing, calculations, tests, graphs? ›Conclusion
›Evaluation:  at to the lowest degree three uncertainties/limitations together with three suggested improvements to procedure
You volition become points for Question, Background, together with Short Procedure, simply volition non locomote assessed on IB criteria for these parts (Design).  You WILL locomote IB assessed inward Data together with Data Processing together with Conclusion together with Evaluation. Final Lab should locomote turned inward equally a difficult re-create together with through